About Us

We are the leading European tech enabled insurance services and solutions platform. Client-centric, caring for people and innovative.

About Us

We provide expert services and tech-enabled solutions to help our clients manage claims or large calamities by delivering innovative combinations of people and technology. Operating in 4 core countries: Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain, with offices in 8 additional countries.

In 1971, we were created by our clients. Co-creation of claim services and solutions with them is in our DNA. We think like our clients, aiming at innovation, cost containment and efficiency, speed and end-customer satisfaction.

We care for people. We are relentlessly focused on creating unmatched claim experiences for the end customers, delivered by caring and competent people, empowered by technology. Based on end-customer feedback, we continually evaluate ourselves. And we are committed to a sustainable future.

Client-centric, caring for people and innovative.

At the core of our corporate philosophy is a commitment to being client-centric, prioritising people, and fostering innovation. We recognise that the business landscape is dynamic, and to thrive, we embrace a strategic approach focused on innovation, cost containment, and operational efficiency. Our aim is not only to keep pace with change but to lead it. 

By integrating cutting-edge solutions, we enhance speed and agility, ensuring that our operations are finely tuned to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We believe that true success is measured by end-customer satisfaction, and every decision we make is driven by our dedication to delivering exceptional value and experiences. At CED, we don’t just navigate change; we shape it, ensuring that our clients benefit from the best solutions in an ever-evolving market.