We help our clients manage their claims or large calamities by providing expert services and tech enabled solutions.

Assistance services

Breakdown assistance

Immediate roadside breakdown assistance in the Netherlands and abroad (24/7).

Lease cars assistance

If vehicles break down or sustain damage, we provide immediate assistance in the Nederlands and abroad.

Help when damage occurs

A privately owned or lease car, tent trailer, caravan, camper van or boat can easily be damaged. We provide 24/7 assistance when damage occurs.

Help in case of injury

Suffered an injury abroad?
SOS International knows what is medically, practically and logistically possible.

Medical assistance

If you need medical assistance abroad, you can rely on the dedicated staff of SOS International.

Claims handling services and digital solutions


We are the service provider behind many insurers, real estate companies, housing corporations, leasing companies, health care providers, large corporations and governments. As the most innovative value specialist we are a leader in the market.


We aim to protect and safeguard what is valuable to customers, both at home and abroad. With 12 offices in Europe and a network of 28 international partners, we are the ideal business partner for international claims management.

CED Connect

CED Connect is an advanced and widely used digital damage platform. It is our ambition to prevent damage as much as possible and thus preserve and increase the value of ownership, mobility and vitality.

Claims loss adjustment services


Everybody had possessions, both small and large and these possessions often have a special meaning. We have the in-house expertise to provide professional services, efficiently and with empathy, for all possible events dealing with property.


Mobility gives you the freedom to move around when and where you wish. Mobility is an absolute necessity for many; some companies couldn’t survive without freight transport and many people have to have cars to get to or do their work.


Vitality is our most valuable possession. Our professionals are able to quickly gain a clear understanding of solutions, to support your customers and provide clarity and transparency.


Global loss adjustment services. We kindly introduce you our European team of premium loss adjusters. Working together we manage your large and complex losses.

Repair services

Repair coordination

We have the biggest national network of repair and maintenance companies. We offer you an unique concept based on service and convenience. With our PreventionCoach you can give your customers a practical advice for safer living. A valuable service that maps out how they can prevent fire, water damage or break-ins in their homes.

Repair platform

Has your customer experienced leakages, an (attempted) break-in or a fire? With our innovative maintenance and repair platform we provide an optimum service in a cost-efficient way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to our fixed fee contract you know exactly what the costs will be.

Do you want to know what digital assets we have?

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