Global loss adjustment services.

CED Europe is one of the leading parties in Europe when it comes to handling large and complex claims. These claims are handled by our Premium business lines. We have a premium loss adjuster for each discipline.

A fire resulting in downtime in a company with various production lines around the world, investigating the liability of a supply company that operates globally in the food sector; these are just a few examples that call for the deployment of a specialized expert and/or multidisciplinary team, consisting of engineers, accountants, lawyers etc. from the various sections within our Premium business lines.

We are also your partner in handling and determining transport damages, construction related claims (Construction All-risk -insurance), recalls, cyber claims etc., but also when it comes to recovering a loss. Our Premium loss adjusters are at home in all markets.

One point of contact with global reach

Because we have several offices in Europe and many partners outside Europe, we are able to handle your large complex claims anywhere in the world.

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