proficient, customer-oriented, and innovative

Our expertise services are at the heart of CED: advising with integrity and transparency about scope, cause, and repair of damages. 

Our loss adjusters are proud to be of significance for your customers when they encounter unforeseen circumstances. 

As a leading insurance services and solutions partner, we apply ourselves to a wide range of cases, with a large number of specialists, and supported by smart digital solutions. This way, we help you exceed your customer’s expectations.

Contributing to optimal customer satisfaction with knowledge and empathy

Our loss adjusters determine the cause, scope, and circumstances of a claim. They do this with a wide range of cases, for Property, Mobility (vehicle damages), Vitality (personal injuries), and complex international damages. And if necessary, they deploy our Forensic experts for further investigation.

Our loss adjusters are aware of the rapid developments in both mobility and property: from electrical self-driving cars to domotics. Specialism in many areas is increasingly important. Through training and education, they continuously broaden their knowledge. This is acknowledged on the market as well: regularly, they are heard as expert witnesses during (judicial) processes. Additionally, our experts work empathically, in the knowledge that damages always impact your customers. This is how they contribute to an optimal customer satisfaction through knowledge, ability, and empathy.

Human-centric, and innovatively digital when possible

There will always be damages for which a personal site visit of an expert is necessary. However, over the years, CED has developed a vision of online collaboration and especially on reducing environmental impact. This combined with technological innovations has led to new forms of expertise and claims handling. Remote expertise allows for better, quicker, and more cost-efficient damage claims processes. As such, more time and space are made for a human-centric approach and for cases that require personal attention. As a tech-enabled market leader, CED has done large-scale investments in remote expertise via modern, secured technologies, such as tele- and video-expertise, and 3D and drone imagery. And in several smart varieties to those, such as Instant Expertise.

Benefits of remote expertise

Wider accessibility

Remote expertise means experts are not tied to their locations, and you can use their specialisations no matter where they are.

Time Savings

Remote expertise reduces travelling time, and combined with online consultation, the whole process becomes more time efficient.

Lower costs

Remote expertise also saves travelling costs, which often form a substantial part of the total expertise costs.


Remote expertise combined with other online collaboration processes increases the effectivity of the process.

Company continuity

With remote expertise, a large part of the company processes can always continue, even if there are travel limitations.


Remote expertise minimises the safety risks that sometimes occur with physical expertise in dangerous situations or at difficult to reach locations.

Instant Expertise allows your customer’s claim
to be handled within a day. Interested?