Streamlining Insurance Processes
with Advanced Damage
Assessment Solutions

Easysinistre is a cutting-edge solution to enhance the estimation of property and furniture damage, ultimately elevating your mutual agreement and reparation in nature rates. 

Accessibility Redefined: Revolutionising Customer Experience Across Devices

Easysinistre operates at the core of business processes, delivering genuine added value by optimising customer experience. This self-care service extends beyond customer accessibility on tablets and smartphones; claims handlers and general agents can now bypass the need for expert advice.

Intuitive interface, fully automated: let Easysinistre simplify your claims experience

Experience the ease of navigating through a simple and ergonomic interface with Easysinistre. Our system guides you seamlessly through the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Instantaneous Claims Processing: Harness the Power of Automation

Bid farewell to time-consuming claims assessments. Easysinistre’s fully automated and online claim calculation adheres to the stipulations of insurance agreements, ensuring instant and accurate results.

Efficiency unleashed: Easysinistre as your reliable facilitator

Easysinistre acts as a facilitator, offering prompt mutual compensation or, alternatively, arranging for professional damage repairs in the absence of an immediate agreement. Experience efficiency at its finest with Easysinistre!

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