OuiScan is a remote diagnostic solution for large-scale events

A better reactivity​

Thanks to Ouiscan, policyholders can start their claims immediately.

In this way, our French subsidiary, Eurexo can quickly detect cases that are not related to drought, and limit the need for a field expert to only those cases that require one.

The company quickly obtains an initial estimate of the opening amounts and the proportion of the customer portfolio affected by this type of major climatic event.

Fostering Operational Efficiency

A better-qualified file
A suitable expert from the first appointment.

Limiting on-site visits to
only necessary cases.

A file prepared by the insured
at their own pace
A more effective expertise.

The OuiScan solution is offered by Eurexo from the initial contact to reduce response time and maximise utilisation rates.

Improved Accessibility

A responsive website

An interface for PC, tablet, and smartphone

Compatible with all operating systems

Demonstrated Results

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files processed since 2018
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OuiScan acceptance rate by the insured
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Identified unresolved cases
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Average time to close files
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Claim rate

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