Vitality damages:
working on recovery
and quality of life

Whether it is caused by a collision, an accident or something else – when a person’s health is affected, significant interests are at play. Not only can it causes temporary or permanent disability, and possibly a long recovery, but it can also has consequences in terms of work, income, and housing. In these complex and sensitive situations, the Vitality professionals of CED make a difference. 

With empathy, focus, and a targeted approach, they work together with your customer to recover quality of life.

Our Vitality professionals focus on the possibilities

When your customer is affected by personal injury, it often creates complex and sensitive situations. Such situations require specialised professionals. CED has broadly in-house expertise to support your customers during these extraordinary circumstances: personal injury case managers, personal injury experts, medical advisors, rehabilitation and occupational health advisors, recovery coaches, and more.

Our professionals work from the conviction that a drawn-out personal injury process can get in the way of a steady recovery for your customer. It can negatively affect their health and damages can escalate. That is why the CED professionals ask one central question: what is needed for your customer to recover and to steadily regain the quality of life? Their approach is empathetic and encouraging. They listen to your customer’s experience and build up trust by providing clarity and understanding. As clients, you too can count on absolute transparency in these often long-running cases.

Legislation and procedures for personal injury cases differ between countries. That is why CED has specialised medical and legal professionals in every country. That is also useful with cross-border claims.

We offer targeted solutions for recovery of vitality

The professionals of CED are capable of rapidly providing insight and solutions that contribute to your customer’s recovery of vitality and quality of life. Thanks to close collaborations between separate disciplines, it is possible to complete personal injury processes quicker, which contributes to a better recovery of your customer.

Personal injury cases with less profound impact can be efficiently and automatically processed by your claim handlers (or by us) via our CED Connect platform

Personal injury claims handling for results-oriented progress

A complicated personal injury process starts when your customer has been injured, in which many interests and parties play a role: financial, legal, and more. Coordinating all interested parties can easily cause delay. This is where the personal injury claim handlers of CED make a difference.

Within the agreements with the client, they work thoroughly on results-oriented progress, from claims to recovery. They communicate with all interested parties, supported by smart digital files for current insights, so that the right decisions are taken in a timely and thorough manner. And they stay in touch with the victim. Other professionals of CED can also contribute to this process, such as personal injury experts, medical advisors, and recovery coaches. This unique approach of CED leads to a significantly smoother process and a higher customer satisfaction rate, often at lower costs.

Personal injury expertise: doing justice and contributing to recovery

The personal injury experts of CED aim to reach a settlement which accurately reflects the circumstances of your customer, and which contributes to their recovery of vitality and quality of life. Our personal injury experts are professional and have extensive life experience, with which they can give your customer the attention they need. Together, they review what (financial) damages are caused by the accident or injury; what is possible and what is needed for recovery of quality of life, such as aids or support at home. Within the agreements with the client, they communicate with all stakeholders, supported by smart digital files for current insights. Their findings about recovery (follow-up) damages and compensations are documented in a clear report.

Medical advice about causes and possibilities

Sometimes the situation of your customer requires substantiation with a thorough medical advice. CED has a large medical staff of registered doctors and paramedics, often with unique specialisations. They can draw substantiated conclusions about the relation between personal injury and the accident. They can also translate medical information of doctors, therapists, and handlers to prognosis about recovery, disability, and future risks. Additionally, our medical advisors are deployable for a health check during the approval procedure for a disability insurance. Or for questions concerning medical liability of employers, such as governments and large public service providers.

Occupational health advice: looking for opportunities and work capabilities

When your customer gets injured, this can have consequences for work and income. Important questions then are to what extent your customer is still capable of working, how the rehabilitation into the work process can be made successful, and what guidance or support is needed for this. Our occupational law experts and occupational health experts can answer these questions. Based on years of experience, we support insurers that offer disability insurances with the medical acceptance and claims process, including tele-acceptance and a successful reminder policy. Our experts look into the opportunities for your customer and advise about sustainable solutions, based on opportunities and possibilities. This is how we encourage the recovery of vitality and quality of life, even when it comes to the work process.

Recovery coaching: shaping your own vitality

Serious injury can drastically change the future prospects of your customer, for example, because their career cannot be continued. This often harms their feeling of self-esteem and confidence. That leads to a vicious circle which negatively affects their recovery. For this, CED offers a unique concept: recovery coaching. Our recovery coaches build up an intensive relationship with your customer to research the possibilities together. They encourage your customer to take their own responsibility in the recovery process and to reshape their own future. This leads to a significantly steady progress and sustainable recovery of vitality and quality of life.

Optimising customer experience with transparency and progress

Recovery of vitality and quality of life for your customer – that is the aim of our Vitality professionals. A transparent personal injury process with results-oriented progress contributes to this, and above all, leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate and a decreased claims burden.

With our developed (back office) processes, we support optimised customer experiences. When the circumstances allow it and your customer agrees, video-expertise can prove a sustainable and quick alternative to home visits. With thorough triage and direction, we ensure that a fully up-to-date file is immediately available to the right specialised medical advisor, so that the medical advice is often finalised within 10 days. Thanks to clear mandate agreements, we can take rapid and thorough decisions within the right framework. And with a solid reporting discipline, your customer will be given the right information, and you will also receive complete and accurate reports compliant to (national) guidelines. This way, CED exceeds the expectations of both of you and your customers, especially in special and sensitive circumstances.