Increasing customer satisfaction significantly with
sustainable damage repair

For Property damage, in-kind repair or sustainable damage repair is the claim settlement of now and the future. Customers want to be relieved in their busy lives, especially in unforeseen circumstances such as damage.

As a full-service damage management company, CED has decades of experience in sustainable damage repair and has a unique repair network.

We can unburden you and your customers with ease, speed and high quality. This way, we preserve what is of value and contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Society demands sustainable
repair in-kind

With in-kind repair, the customer does not receive financial compensation after a claim, but a repair company comes to repair the damage on your behalf. This is in line with developments and needs in the market: your customers want to be relieved in their busy lives. 

Due to the current shortage in the construction market, they are unable to find a good and affordable repair company themselves. At risk: consequential damage due to lower-quality solutions or rising costs. Recently, there is a desire among consumers to want to contribute to a more sustainable society. 

Simply respond to these developments by outsourcing the process of sustainable in-kind repair to CED Repair!

CED Repair deploys knowledge and experience for sustainability

For decades, CED Repair has been at the forefront of the market when it comes to in-kind repair. We are now deploying this experience and knowledge to make damage repairs even more sustainable. With technological innovations, some process parts are done remotely. Damage recording or tracking of the repair process can, for example, be done via video expertise, 3D recordings or with sensors. Subsequently, damaged parts are no longer automatically replaced by new ones, but cleaned or repaired. 

Technically, more and more is possible. Partial repair or spot repair (repairing a damaged part ‘as new’) can be done with increasing precision. Materials such as glass and PVC flooring can be recycled and second-hand building materials can be used. Our repair shops also work sustainably, using environmentally friendly raw materials. 

With our sustainable damage repair, you demonstrably contribute to higher customer satisfaction: it relieves you of worries, causes less inconvenience, is fast and of high quality. 

And it promotes a more sustainable society!

The 5 advantages of sustainable damage repair by CED Repair

Higher customer satisfaction
Quality assurance
Cost containment at the end
Support of sustainability goals
Support 'green' market position

Want to know how CED can further contribute to your ESG ambitions?