We provide knowledge,
capacity and technology
for your claims handling

The moment your customer submits a claim is the time to prove your value. CED Group supports you in this. 

Our claims handling is fast, transparent, and of a high quality. Digital when possible and personal when needed. This is how we make a difference for your customers.

Claims Handling From A to Z

CED Group has the expertise, manpower and digital technology available to fully unburden you in resolving your claims. This includes all damages: Mobility, Property and personal injuries.

You can opt for end-to-end claims handling, consigning only a part of the process (Claims Services) or make use of our Saas-platform to handle your claims. This regarding national and international claims handling (Cross-Border Claims). We offer an efficient, transparent, and streamlined process with smart connections to other services (if required), such as expertise, repair, or fraud signalling (forensic). 

Prefer to keep the workforce in-house? 

Our highly trained Interim Professionals can carry out the claims process for you in-house. 

We offer many possibilities to meet your needs!

If desired, CED offers you the option of having complete national claim handling or specific process steps handled in our specialized Claims Operations Centers in Sofia or Tunis. Directly or in collaboration with our claims departments in our local offices in Europe. This enables us to deliver high quality by highly educated and trained employees from all relevant language areas at very attractive rates and also to quickly scale up and down according to your needs. We can carry out claim handling in our Claims Operations Centers in our own IT systems or in your system. Particularly due to the difficult labor market in various European countries for claims handlers and peaks in the workload, insurers and MGAs are finding their way to this new form of service!

Benefits of CED claims handling

High customer rating because of clarity and professionalism

Cost efficiency thanks to smart technology and our claims services organisation

Customized support, from back-office support to claims handling regarding all xx

 Relevant and supporting management information

Efficient systems lead to connection, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction

Central to our claims handling are our state-of-the-art digital platforms for claims handling. With CED Connect more than 80% of the claims handling process is automated through this platform. Also risks of errors are reduced, and lead times are halved. Additionally, it reduces costs by 40% and significantly increases customer satisfaction. With our claims handling systems, your claims handlers can use their time and focus on what really matters, so that you can prove your value for both your organisation and your customers.

Discover all the benefits of our smart platform CED Connect

Recourse: managing costs where possible

As a full-service provider, recourse is fully integrated in CED Group’s claims handling process. That means that it is automatically investigated whether the incurred costs can be recovered from the liable party. Also in case of damage sustained abroad. We don’t just flag the possibilities, but also ensure that costs are recovered and paid out. This is how we add value to your claims handling process.