CED Connect
Advanced Digital Damage Platform
for Optimal Claims Management

Empowering Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

CED Connect stands as a cutting-edge digital claims handling platform. It offers efficiency in your work processes. As the new standard for digital claims management, CED Connect automates every aspect, from policy checks to liability assessment, financial settlement, repairs, and communication.

We settle digitally your bulk claims, allowing you to focus on exceptional claims and customer relationships. This leaves more time for you to pay personal attention to your customers. CED Connect is the new standard for anyone with the authority to settle claims, from insurers, underwriting agents and service providers to lease organisations and corporates.

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Key Benefits of CED Connect

Key Benefits of CED Connect

Automatic Claims Management

Over 70% of claims are seamlessly and automatically settled.


Initial implementations of CED Connect have resulted in a significant enhancement within claim organisations.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Utilising self-service features, rapid processing, and optimal communication, CED Connect delivers higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Easily Connected to Back-Offices systems

as a SAAS-platform, CED Connect enables all connections to be made ; CED Connect already communicates with many back-office systems (ANVA, CCS, Dias and expected soon Keylane and Guidewire)

Claims Reduction

CED Connect has consistently demonstrated a reduction in claims, precisely determining coverage, liability, claim amounts, fraud, and recourse.

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