Instant Expertise,
Expertise on-demand

Instant Expertise, developed by CED, is a system that allows instant access to one of our experts via video, without the need for a prior appointment. This unique offering in the market is deployed for Mobility and Property.

When to trigger Instant Expertise?

Our belief: certain situations require a specific approach where expertise adapts to the policyholder’s availability! We flip the usual constraint model where the policyholder adjusts to the expert’s availability. Eligibility is determined based on segmentation criteria co-developed with our clients: policyholder type, nature of the claim… Numerous criteria to be worked on with you to identify claims that can be processed in no time.

How does it work ?

Nothing could be simpler: initiation is done on our end upon receiving the mission through the automatic detection of criteria determined together beforehand.

Regardless of the triggering criteria chosen, the user experience is straightforward and intuitive: your policyholder receives an SMS allowing them to initiate the process with a few clicks, without the need to download an application. The connection with an expert occurs via video in just a few minutes!

And if the policyholder is not available immediately, they will be offered the option to schedule an online appointment with our experts.

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