CED Premium:
global loss adjusting services
for impactful damages

Complex, technical, or international damages often have far-reaching (financial) impacts for your customers. CED Premium helps exceed your customer’s expectations. Our 150 very specialised Premium loss adjusters have in-depth knowledge of such cases and act decisively. To determine the scope and cause of damages, minimise consequential damages, and arrange liability with integrity. Based on various European locations, they are always close via your go-to point of contact.

One network for unique damages that
require specialist knowledge

A cyber-attack shuts down production lines for a factory worldwide. A producer of pesticides is being held liable for crop damages. A transporter notices their shipping containers are broken into. A multi-day music festival has to be cancelled due to a pandemic. A crane falls and damages a complete block of houses. A costly collection of jewellery disappears.

Unique situations require specialist skills and the deployment of a specialised expert or a multidisciplinary team of engineers, accountants and lawyers. CED group is one of the leading parties in Europe when it comes to handling complex losses. As such, our local specialist business lines have joined forces under the name CED Premium. Including over 150 Premium loss adjusters in several disciplines and in various countries. With offices all over Europe and as a member of the extensive GRS network, we are able to handle your complex losses anywhere in the world. You can access these Premium loss adjusters simply via your trusted CED person: one point of contact, with global reach.

When it comes to complex claims, such as crop damages after a fire, our Premium loss adjusters use 3D recordings and drones to map the damages.

Our Premium loss adjusters are reliable business partners

The loss adjusters of CED Premium – in the Netherlands known under the label EMN – are specialised in complex, technological, financial, and international damages of the higher segment. Fire, transport, (mechanical) engineering, agriculture, cyber, environment, chemistry, electrotechnology – we have one or more excellent specialists for every sector. We also provide effective solutions for your customers when it comes to liability and recourse of damages. Because premium damages are so impactful for your customers, these Premium loss adjusters are accessible 24/7 and always rapidly on location, to help minimise risks and consequential damages.

 Our Premium loss adjusters are professionally registered and experienced. Due to their expertise and knowledge, they are a serious and reliable business partner for your customer. Additionally, they are decisive, solution-oriented, and empathetic. They are quick to take things in hand to guarantee business continuity, and to reduce risks and consequential damages. When possible, they apply smart technology, and when needed, they work together with forensic experts for tactical and technical assessment of the cause of the damages. Despite the complexity of damages, our Premium loss adjusters will report the cause and scope of the damage clearly and understandably.

Climate change is increasingly determining the daily work of our Premium loss adjusters.
With the intelligent OuiScan, they can remotely and cost efficiently assess whether a property damage is caused by extreme droughts.

Broad experience and unique specialists
to unburden you in everything

With broad experience, a large number of specialisations, and effective solutions, we help you exceed customer expectations and minimise the burden of damage. Also, or: especially with complex, technical, financial, and international damages that are impactful for your customer.

Liability (CAR) & recourse
Marine & Transportation

Property damages:
business continuity is a priority

Whether it concerns a significant fire, theft of a large number of goods, or a burst water pipe on the twentieth story, such impactful calamities can have far-reaching consequences. There are often great financial interests, and business continuity of your customer can be in danger. A rapid restart of the company is therefore of crucial importance to control the (financial) damages. This is where the Premium loss adjusters take control. They are rapidly on location, are well informed in their communication with all stakeholders, and take measures to minimise the consequential damages. As a result, your customer can restart their business activities soon after. Subsequently, our Premium loss adjusters work precisely to determine the scope and cause of the damage, and report to you clearly and understandably.

CAR Liability & recourse: the liable party pays

Product liability, professional liability, or CAR liability (Construction All Risk insurance) for damage in construction and infrastructure – investigation into liability is a crucial component of large claims. That requires very specialised loss adjusters. CED Premium can unburden you in this complexity.

The Premium loss adjusters work expertly and with integrity. They communicate with all stakeholders and investigate the cause of the damage. They map the facts and circumstances to facilitate a correct judgement of liability, support your customer in potential recalls, and determine the (consequential) damage. Then, specialised lawyers of CED Premium can help you recover the damage burden from the liable party. As early as during the expertise phase, all necessary information is collected. After a thorough technical and legal investigation, they present the opportunities for recourse and arrange the actual reclaiming of costs. This is how CED Premium is also your partner in minimising damage burden.

Marine & Transportation: safely from A to B

Goods that are transported and stored for a third party, have to stay safe and undamaged. Sometimes, cargos can be stolen, lost, or damaged during (international) transport or storage. In such a case, the reliability of the business is at stake, and there can be an issue of liability. This requires a specialised approach by the Premium loss adjusters. Working together with international partners, CED Premium is capable of handling cargos anywhere on earth. With broad international experience in logistics, thorough knowledge of (inter)national legislation and transport requirements, they have built an impressive track record in establishing facts, determining damages, and assessing liabilities.

An unbounded number of specialisms

Within the focus areas Property, Liability & CAR and Marine & Transportation, CED Premium offers a large number of unique specialisms.

Commercial property
Construction &
electrical engineering
Financial lines
Personal injury
Carrier liability
Recovery and recourse
Fine art &
High net worth
Product liability and recall

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