Property damages:
reducing impact
and restoring value

Damage to a factory hall, causing loss of income? Or damage to a previous heirloom? It is always impactful when damage to immovable or movable assets occurs, whether financially or emotionally. We realize that. That is why CED Group has in-house damage expertise for every type of asset. For real estate, machines, equipment, devices, installations, and personal goods. We provide fast clarity for you and your customers, using smart technologies and a transparent process. To reduce the impact of the damage and restore its value.

Our experts are versatile and empathic in their approach

CED Group has in-house experts to determine the cause and extent of damages. For both personal and immovable property in various areas of expertise. Our acknowledged and registered Property experts are multidisciplinary, versatile, and often have a background in construction. Additionally, CED Group offers expertise in unique specialisations: from electronics to antiques and from solar panels to jewelry.

Our experts will always approach your customers with empathy, working from the understanding that damages can have major financial or emotional consequences. Within the framework of your requirements, they conduct their investigation thoroughly and carefully, and they are attentive to unusual circumstances; where needed, our forensic experts can provide tactical and technical insights . Finally, our experts draw up a clear report to inform you about the circumstances, extent of damage, and repair (if possible).

Do you have complex damage due to great financial interests,
complex liability, or its international character?

Our specialised Premium experts are ready to help.

We offer a clear process of expertise in 4 steps

CED Group wants to exceed the expectations of both you and your customers by quickly providing insight and clarity about the damage and its consequences. That is why we have a clear process of expertise in four steps.

The claim is reported to CED Group.
The loss adjuster conducts a preliminary investigation and becomes acquainted with the parties involved.
The loss adjuster visits the location of damage (online if possible), and reviews and assesses the damages. Assessments include the extent and circumstances or cause, but also the costs of recovery or replacement. Where needed, an additional investigation is conducted on one of these aspects.
After careful communication with all parties, the loss adjuster reports the findings clearly and transparently to the insurer, including recommendations for recovery or replacement.


The reports of our Mobility experts are known for their thoroughness, clarity, and matter-of-factness. Our loss adjusters are regularly called upon as expert witnesses during (legal) processes.

High-volume Property damages can be efficiently automated
with our CED Connect platform

Optimising customer experience with advanced technology

The experts of CED Group apply their expertise in different ways, for example, by visiting in person or remotely. For this, we use safe and smart technology, equally as thorough but more efficient, economical, and sustainable.

With remote expertise, the damage assessment takes place via an encrypted video connection with your customer’s mobile device. That benefits the speed of the process.

With CED Instant Expertise, your customer can even video call one of our available experts at a time that suits them. That is even more customer-friendly; sometimes, the claims handling is solved within 24 hours. 

Increasing customer satisfaction with Repair-in-kind

Repair-in-kind, when it comes to Property damages, significantly increases customer satisfaction compared to financial compensation, research has shown. Additionally, repair-in-kind is a more sustainable solution.

Our Property experts will, therefore, always assess the possibilities of repairing in kind. With our digital Easyclaim app, your own claims handlers can easily calculate the benefits of repair-in-kind

And thanks to our close-knit network of specialised and high-grade repair companies, we can quickly connect your customer with the right repairer.


Minimising risks through valuations and risk inspections

What can endanger the value of personal and immovable property? Or the continuity of a company? And with which preventive measures can one protect themselves against such risks? CED Group is an industry leader in valuations and risk inspections. With our wide network of suitably trained appraisers and inspectors, we can help you and your customers with these and related questions.

Objective valuation offers the best protection

The appraisers and inspectors of CED Group guarantee an objective, careful and reliable valuation and valorisation of real estate, equipment, inventory, and stock-in-trade; based on replacement or continuity value. For example, we appraise the rebuild value of (industrial) property. As such, you and your customers can be assured that the insured value in your policy truly provides adequate coverage. Our appraisals are so reliable that most insurers guarantee underinsurance if CED appraises the value of an object or goods.

Risk assessments as foundation for honest policy

The risk inspectors of CED Group also assess and calculate the risks of fire, water, and burglary damage. One such inspection provides objective information to appraise the insurability of risks correctly. Additionally, we periodically discuss preventive measures and insuring damages with your customers. This leads to an up-to-date and extensive report, which can serve as a foundation for objective and realistic terms and premiums for the insurance.

Would you like to know more about Valuation and Inspection?