Evaluating value

Protecting value starts with an objective evaluation of value and condition. CED is the market leader in valuations and inspections.

What is a boat worth? To determine a vessel’s value, you need to know what technical condition it is in. Has it been well maintained? And if it has any defects, how much will it cost to rectify these defects? An inspection report by CED will provide clear answers to all these questions.

Protecting value starts with objectively determining value and risks. How good is a vessel’s technical condition? Does it have the correct hull thickness? Do gas pipes and ventilation in a static caravan still meet safety standards? CED, with the largest national network of valuers and inspectors at its disposal, guarantees an objective and reliable valuation of cars, caravans, camper vans and boats. We do this in the most cost-efficient manner: whenever possible we carry out assessment and valuation by remote control using advanced tools; in other cases, if so required, a valuer or inspector will visit you on location. Thus, your customers can make the right decisions with confidence.

Inspection to assess condition

  • Largest loss adjusting firm for leisure craft;
  • Highly detailed inspection;
  • Immediate valuation of the vessel.

A thorough inspection by our expert will include the hull above and below the waterline, the deck, the cockpit and the cabin, the inside of the hull and the boat’s interior, the gas fittings, the engine, electrical fittings and steering system, the condition of the mast and boom, the rigging, the sails and winches. After completion, the vessel’s value can be accurately established.

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