Everybody has possessions, both small and large. These possessions have often got a special meaning. For example: a house that feels like a real home, a machine that is essential for the continuity of business or a ring inherited from someone special.

CED has the in-house expertise to provide professional services, efficiently and with empathy, for all possible events dealing with property. Irrespective of whether this is a valuation of a company building for insurance purposes, urgent and effective assistance after a fire, or an investigation into the cause, extent or circumstances of a claim. 

Protecting value starts with an objective of value and risks. We are the market leader in valuations and inspections. When there is a loss in value, CED’s own in-house emergency centre SOS International is here to help. Our dedicated staff are on-call 24/7 to provide immediate assistance. 

When your client submits a claim, you can prove your value.. We lead the way in fast and transparent claims management. Also, some losses require extra diligence. We always have a professional available who will determine the cause, scope and circumstances.

For damage repairs, prevention and small- scale maintenance CED offers the best service. Arranged simply and rapidly by professionals. 

Exceeding expectations

CED offers fast and clear solutions that protect, maintain or increase the value of your property. The power of CED lies in our integrated approach from advice on prevention to repair in kind. This makes us a full service provider or better still, a value specialist. 

By offering the best possible service to you and your customers, CED aims to exceed your expectations. That means giving customers the confidence that they are in safe hands and always living up to their expectations. We believe in the ‘golden duo’ of human expertise and smart technology. 

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