Vitality is our most valuable possession. We share the benefits of healthy living and preventing injury.

Our professionals are able to quickly gain a clear understanding of solutions. We support your customers and provide clarity and transparency. For example, if emergency assistance is needed when your customer fall ill whilst abroad or if they require help with reintegration following an injury. 

Protecting and preserving your customer’s vitality starts with immediate action in the event of illness and injury. SOS International is CED’s own in-house emergency centre. Our dedicated staff are on-call 24/7 to provide immediate assistance.

When your client sustains personal injury, you can prove your value with the help of our specialised professionals and clear injury claims. CED has in-house expertise to assist your customers properly. Our unique concept ‘recovery coaching’ helps your client’s recovery progress.

Exceeding expectations

CED offers fast and clear solutions that protect and preserve your customer’s vitality. We take action at exactly the right time.

By offering the best possible service to you and your customers, CED aims to exceed your expectations. That means giving customers the confidence that they are in safe hands and always living up to their expectations. We believe in the ‘golden duo’ of human expertise and smart technology.

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