SOS International is CED’s own in-house emergency centre. Our dedicated staff are on-call 24/7 to provide immediate assistance.

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Help in case of an injury abroad

Suffered an injury abroad? The experienced team at SOS International know what is medically, practically and logistically possible. They will guide your customer in getting the best possible medical care.

Help with repratriation to the Netherlands

Sometimes a journey or holiday has to be cut short due to illness, injury or serious family circumstances. If that happens, the SOS International team organises a speedy return to the Netherlands.

Immediate action in the event of illness and injury

SOS International is CED’s own in-house emergency centre. Our professionals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if someone’s vitality is threatened. If someone sustains a fractured leg following a fall, becomes ill whilst on holiday, or suffers an injury following an accident, SOS International will organise the assistance, regardless of where that assistance is required. Professionalism and empathy underline the help that is given; our professionals know exactly what is possible in every country from a medical, practical and logistical point of view. Your customers will therefore receive the assistance they require exactly at that essential point in time. We will make sure that they don’t feel that they are facing things alone.

Help in case of an injury abroad

A broken leg after an accidental fall, (serious) injuries caused by a traffic accident: situations like these are terrible, especially if they occur abroad. At times like these, SOS International organises all of the required support, with expertise and empathy. And in the case of hospitalisation, SOS International arranges the payment guarantee, maintains contact with the patient, the attending physician and the patient’s travelling companions, and organizes repatriation if necessary. So your customers always get the help they need, anywhere in the world.

Help with repatriation to the Netherlands

An early return home due to illness, injury or serious family circumstances, to be back in time for a funeral in order to say goodbye to a loved one, for example. At times like these, our medical team do everything in their power to organise a speedy return to the Netherlands. With SOS International your customer gets the best help and support with repatriation.

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