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When your client sustains personal injury, you can prove your value. This is when CED makes a difference.

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International personal injury claims management

CED aims to protect and safeguard what is valuable to people, both at home and abroad. With 14 offices in Europe and a network of 28 international partners, CED is the ideal business partner for international personal injury claims management.

Personal injury claims management

The moment when your customer needs you because of illness or an accident is the time to prove your value. Personal injury doesn’t just impair vitality, it also involves a complicated claims process. And it’s exactly in these situations that CED makes the difference.

Trust is valuable

When a customer suffers from a personal injury, this is a turning point in their life. With the right knowledge, expertise and professionalism, we can make a difference to the situation. CED works closely with clients, enabling swift action to be taken, so that the right decisions can be made together. Our professionalism and commitment are perceived positively. We create trust and that lays the foundation for good personal injury claims management.

Claims management

Cross-border personal injury claims are often incredibly complex. Every country has its own, unique approach. That’s only possible with a strong international organisation, a local presence, legal expertise and multilingual employees. CED has all of that in-house, allowing us to take the entire claims process off insurers’ hands. Our working methods are transparent, consistent and reliable: you can track the status of the claim at any time.

International claims management

We support your customer, and provide clarity and insight. What’s more, CED works in close cooperation with clients so we can act fast and make the right decisions together. One crucial question is always key: what does your customer need to aid with recovery and regain health? People are highly positive about our professionalism and commitment in this field. We create confidence, which lays a firm foundation for effective personal injury claims management.

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