CED Connect

CED Connect is the new and most advanced platform for digital claims management.

With CED Connect, everything that can be automated is automated. From checking the policy, establishing liability and the loss amount, the financial settlement, through to repairs and communication.

This leaves more time for you to pay personal attention to your customers. CED Connect is the new standard for anyone with the authority to settle claims, from insurers and underwriting agents to service providers.


With the various benefits of CED Connect you will live up to expectations:

  • Automatic claims management: more than 70% of all claims are automatically settled.
  • Optimal efficiency: the initial implementations of CED Connect have resulted in a significant improvement within the claims organisation.
  • Customer satisfaction: with self-service functionality, speed and optimal communication, you achieve much higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS).
  • Reduction in claims: CED Connect has demonstrably proven a reduction in claims. With absolute precision the system determines cover, liability, the amount of a claim, fraud and recourse.

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