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How remote expertise accelerates your claims handling process

With the aid of digital tools and secure video connections, damages can be assessed remotely, allowing vehicles to be operational again quickly. This is particularly beneficial for drivable damages and damages abroad. Remote Expertise ensures a fast and efficient handling of these claims.

If there’s one sector where ‘standing still means going backward,’ it’s logistics. Vehicle availability is core business, and downtime costs money.In the event of business damage, determining the damage amount requires a skilled expert. At that moment, the factor of time also comes into play. When you have damage, you want it to be dealt with as soon as possible so you can move on. In the past, the damage expert had to come physically to assess the damage. But nowadays, it can very well be done remotely with a so-called remote expertise. This saves everyone time and accelerates the process. In this blog, I will share our insights and experiences with this approach.

How does a remote expertise work?

Remote expertise is a form of digital claim assessment in which the insured can have their claim assessed by an expert via a video connection without the need for an appointment. After reporting the damage, the insured receives an SMS with an encrypted video link. The insured then chooses a suitable time for a video call. During the call, the expert assesses the damage through the video connection and promptly submits a report to the claims handler. In many cases, the damage can be evaluated and the claim amount paid out within a day.

What about the quality?

Motor vehicle damages with a claim amount of up to 10,000 euros are perfectly suitable for such an expertise. The quality of the expertise is guaranteed through careful triage. According to strict criteria, it is determined whether a file qualifies, but the control remains in the hands of the insured: they determine the contact moment and whether they want a ‘digital visit’ from an expert.

When is a remote expertise particularly useful?

A direct remote expertise is a solution for what we call ‘driveable damages’ to vehicles. By this, we mean vehicle damages that still allow the vehicle to be driven,as opposed to technical damage to the engine, clutch or gearbox. With driveable damages, the vehicle is taken out of operation for as little time as possible – and preferably not at all. In the case of freight transport, heavy equipment experts often visit a parking lot during the driver’s mandatory break. However, with remote expertise, this is not necessary. The damage can be assessed from a distance, regardless of the location of the vehicle.

Damage abroad

A second situation where remote expertise provides an excellent solution is in the case of damages abroad. Vehicles abroad cannot always be visited cost-effectively from the Netherlands (due to time and expenses), but they can be assessed remotely. For example, Leaseplan has vehicles that are permanently deployed abroad, and remote expertise also offer a solution for international freight transport.

Only superficial and attributable damages

There are certain conditions for a remote digital expertise. First and foremost, it must be superficial damage. This means that the damage must be visually observable through a video call. Examples include paint damage, bodywork, windows, and other damage that is directly visible. However, underlying parts or mechanical and technical damages fall outside this scope.

Secondly, the damage must be claimable. “Claimable” refers to the fact that you rely on the cooperation and willingness of the affected party to show the damages. If the affected party has no interest in displaying the damages, for instance because they are liable for it themselves, then the damages may potentially not be accurately assessed.

The benefits of video

With the use of digital tools such as remote expertise, you cannot prevent vehicle downtime, of course. However, in practice, we see that in many cases, it allows you to proceed faster and thus make concrete earnings. Moreover, if the damage occurs abroad, the benefits are even greater, as it is also much more cost-efficient than a physical visit from a claims expert. Remote expertise is within reach for every driver with a good smartphone, and this way, you directly benefit from a quick settlement at lower costs!

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